Clipstone Colliery 35mm film

Clipstone Colliery

December 2012 I had a wander around Clipstone on a solo visit, bumping into metal fairies with angle grinders so I had to rush off just as the good light arrived!

Whilst I was tere I used three rolls of Ilford HP5 400 through my Canon A1 35mm.

I didn’t get the film developed as half of my digital shots were blurry due to lack of tripod so I assumed the 35mm would be worse at just 400.

Any road out…. if you didn’t know, Clipstone has had wan beeeelion dollars just spent on security for some unfathomable reason and is now pretty much impenetrable so with no chance of a return visit I got my film developed end of last week… 27 out of 98 shots were useable and quite a few bits I hadn’t realised I hadn’t taken with the DSLR so here we go… Clipstone is lovely and as a local I’m sad I probably won’t get to have a look around inside again……

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