Abandoned Butterley Engineering Works

Butterley Engineering

Solo explore, which was a mistake as there were two people apparently living in the office blocks (both thankfully asleep in sleeping bags when I peered through the window) and just as I was making my way to the big old blast furnace for a look a bloke appeared from the top yard in with a very big noisy dog shouting and rawping so I chuffed off sharpish!

All pics hand held using Sony A7s and 1.4 35mm FE.

Bit of history:

The Butterley Company was an English manufacturing firm founded as Benjamin Outram and Company in 1790. Portions of it existed until 2009.

At its peak in the 1950s the company employed around 10,000 people.

In 1957, a partnership with Air Products of the USA helped establish that company in the United Kingdom.[8]

In the early 1960s the company acquired locomotive manufacturer F. C. Hibberd & Co Ltd.

The Codnor Park works closed in 1965.

The company was acquired by Lord Hanson in the 1968 for £4.7 million.[9] The company was subsequently split up into Butterley Engineering, Butterley Brick and Butterley Aggregates. Butterley Hall, Outram’s home and later the companies offices, was sold off to become the headquarters of Derbyshire Constabulary. In the mid 1980s the foundry closed down. When surplus buildings were demolished the original blast furnace of 1790 was exposed.

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