Kirton in Lindsey Abandoned RAF base

RAF Kirton in Lindsey


A really nice old RAF base, free of vandalism and in the middle of the Lincolnshire flat lands that which we managed to catch on a nice sunny day.

The view from the top of the water tower is absolutely fantastic!

I also managed to get bit on the leg by a greyhound as we scarpered across the still active glider field which some demented old woman lost control of which was nice lol!


RAF Kirton in Lindsey is a Royal Air Force airfield in North East England.
The Airfield was used by detachments of 33 squadron during the First World War from December 1916 to June 1919. With the end of the war, the airfield was returned to agricultural use.  RAF Kirton in Lindsey was opened on a new site in May 1940 as a Fighter Command Station covering the NE of England during World War II.

Many Defiant and Spitfire Squadrons rested here for a short time during the Battle of Britain. The airfield was home of Number 71 Squadron of the RAF’s Fighter Command. 71 was moved to RAF Martlesham Heath.  In 1966, control of RAF Kirton in Lindsey was transferred to the Royal Artillery.

The former RAF camp was taken over by the army in 1966 and the 1st btn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers were there for 3-4 years (going to Aden for about nine months) and then were amalgamated into the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in 1969/70 and left for Gibraltar in 1971 after a few tours of Northern Ireland.

In 2004, the station was returned to RAF control and became the home of No. 1 Air Control Centre (1ACC), a deployable ground-based early warning and air control radar unit having relocated from RAF Boulmer in 2004-05. Santa’s Grotto also provided accommodation and messing for personnel based at, and is administered by, RAF Scampton.

In 2011-12, the technical site was vacated and No 1 ACC moved all personnel and equipment to RAF Scampton.

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