Holdings Derelict Counrty Pottery

Holdings Pottery

Holdings Country Pottery was founded circa 1898 on a large clay deposit in Lancashire. It used its own clay, which was dug, blended, washed and processed before being made into passes for the potters wheel. Since the start of the century until its closure little changed in the process and the factory opened its doors to visitors so that they could see the craftsmen creating ‘Waldian Ware’ in the traditional way.

The family tradition was started by James Holding in 1842 a mile or so from the present site which was opened just before the turn of the century by James’s sons and grandsons. The Pottery then proceeded to stay within the family as generations passed and took over management of the factory. I’m uncertain when the factory was abandoned and ultimately closed its doors but by the looks of the condition of the building and some of the artefacts left behind I’d guess its been shut for at least 20+ years.

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