Abandoned Russian Boeing 747 300

Had an unrelated call here to look at some construction plant early this fine sunny Sunday morning and decided to go for a quick wander around the airfield afterwards after spotting a Boeing Jet dismantler is also based on the site!

Theres a large cluster of 747’s in the bottom corner in various states of disassembly right outside the company’s hanger but this 747-300 was sat a bit further out. Looks like some sort of race thing had been going off yesterday as there were various people cleaning stuff up and packing away, a bit of duck and cover and I found myself on board the big old Russian bird with the aircraft all to myself.

Google says it belonged to Japan Asia Airlines for 20 years then sold to a Russian company in 2007. Made its last flight out of Russia to England in October 2012 where it awaits having its wings clipped at the hands of the dismantlers with the rest of the planes on site.

Seems fairly complete apart being hotter inside than a microwaved Ginsters steak bake and various fixtures and fittings just falling apart.

Sony A7s & Zeiss 35mm f1.4

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  1. Milby says:

    You must have pulled the stick back and shouted ‘Neeeeowm’ surley? 🙂 Great photos, black and white suits it well.


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